Casino Bonus

Land based casinos offer players incentives in the form of meal comps and complimentary or discounted hotel rooms.  Online casinos offer players incentives in a different form, in the form of online casino bonuses.

Although online casino bonuses differ from one online casino to another, there are many similarities between them.  It has also become a fairly standard practice for online casino bonuses to be offered at all online casinos.

Online casino bonuses come in many different forms including sign-up bonuses that can be offered in the form of percentage bonuses or match bonuses.  Match bonuses are bonuses in which the online casino matches the amount of money that a player is depositing. There is usually an upper limit defined in cash terms that the online casino will accept for this type of bonus.  Percentage bonuses usually have a higher upper limit because only a certain percentage is matched by the online casino, such as 50% of the money deposited.  Some online casinos offer very large percentage bonuses, such as a 200% bonus.  Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses too.

After players have used the sign-up online casino bonus, the online casino will often offer other incentives, such as reload bonuses.  A reload bonus is one in which players are offered either percentage or match bonuses for further deposits that are made at the online casino.  Reload bonuses help online casinos to encourage their customers to play in their specific online casino most of the time, offering a good incentive to do so.  Essentially, a reload bonus is a form of loyalty bonus, however, there are actual loyalty bonuses that are offered to veteran players.

Loyalty bonuses are put in place in order to make sure that online casino players keep their accounts active.  They are usually offered to players who have VIP status at the casino.  The size of loyalty bonuses can vary according to the length of time a player has been at the online casino, or according to how often the player plays in the online casino.  Players normally receive larger loyalty bonuses when they have reached the more advanced levels of the online casino’s loyalty program.  These loyalty bonuses can be offered as percentage bonuses, however, they can also come in many other forms.

Those players that are high rollers may well look for an online casino that offers a special high roller bonus.  The high roller bonus is a special bonus that will be offered to players who make very large deposits at the online casino at one time because they wager larger amounts than other players.  These bonuses are usually offered as a percentage bonus.

Amongst the other bonuses that are offered, there is also a bonus that may be offered for those players who make deposits with specific payment methods.  These bonuses are either offered for specific e-wallet solution companies used by the online casino, or for a specific method such as depositing by credit cards or another chosen method.

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